The Swiss Charm

Looking for charm? Look no further than Switzerland

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Nestled in the centre of Europe, land-locked between its more popular and famous neighbours, Switzerland is often overlooked by holiday makers and travellers alike. But this should not be the case.

The country offers beautiful landscapes, from turquoise blue lakes and green fields, to snow-topped mountains. And if that doesn’t take your fancy, it is home to arguably the best chocolate and the famous Swiss cheese. What more could you want?!

There is such an idealistic charm about the country, that you can’t help but feel at peace when walking through its towns and cities, and this is perfectly captured in the chalet style buildings that can be found in Bern. With beautiful wooden architecture and blooms of brightly coloured flower pots on the window sills you feel like you are transported to a fairy-tale.


Regardless of what time of year you go you are guaranteed to find something to satisfy your desires for either adventure, sight-seeing or relaxing. The country is surrounded by mountains which are superb for hiking during the summer months and skiing in winter. A trip that is highly recommended is the Jungfraujoch, the notable railway that makes its incredible journey up the Jungfrau to the highest railway station in Europe.

Here you are offered spectacular views across the Bernese Alps, 3454 metres above sea level. Even during the peak of summer you are guaranteed the chance to partake in winter sports such as snow-tubing and are able to fulfil that child-like need in you to leave your footsteps in the undisturbed snow.


Back down on ground level you can spend hours walking around the bustling cities such as Zurich, where you can indulge in high end shopping or chocolate making or take time to experience the smaller villages and towns to soak up the culture of the local people.

When I was in Adelboden I took immense pleasure in walking up and down the high-street and going in to the local shops on offer, and of course trying all the delicious chocolate delights that can be found throughout the country. Nonetheless, something that is shared between the larger cities and smaller towns is the hospitality of its people and cleanliness of the country and that you are never far away from a spectacular view and photography stop.


There are many different ways you can experience the beauty of this country; either walking through these beautifully green valleys in between the strong and imposing mountains on either side, or to glide through the air in a cable-car up to the different plains, even swimming in a heated outdoor swimming pool or swishing down a toboggan run half way up a mountain.

How ever you decide to view the country, just make sure you do it. You will struggle to find a more beautiful country or happier people than what is on offer in Switzerland.



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